Our team Anisha Joshi Principal Osteopath/Clinic Director Anisha qualified from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London with a Bachelor's degree and a Diploma in
Naturopathy. Upon graduation she spent 6 months in Sydney working alongside an Australian osteopath in a busy clinic.
She uses a direct structural approach whilst incorporating soft tissue, body mechanics, hydrotherapy, ultrasound and
exercise rehabilitation. Anisha has completed the first module of cranial osteopathy, of which she plans to pursue further.
She is also fully trained in Fibromyalgia Mapping and has patients with Fibromyalgia travel from all over the country to see

As well as being principal osteopath at the Woodside Osteopathic Clinic, Anisha works 'in-house' as an osteopath in a
large law firm on Chancery Lane, Holborn offering the lawyers a personal service including postural and ergonomic advice
for their work stations. Her previous employment includes a variety of multidisciplinary clinics and Brunel University in
London working with elite athletes that compete at a professional level.

Her success lies in her experience and her supportive and friendly nature, making treatment effective as well as
informative. The treatment is catered to the individual, taking all aspect of a patient's lifestyle into consideration. Anisha
has a keen interest in sporting injuries, headaches and posture.

In her spare time Anisha will be in Starbucks grabbing a Chai tea latte or be with her family and friends enjoying a good
film and a glass of red wine.
Christopher Hillyard Associate Osteopath Chris is an osteopath who graduated from the full time course at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine with a
Bachelor degree in Osteopathy and a Diploma in Naturopathy. In 2007 he qualified in Dry Needling and has been
practicing that alongside his osteopathic and naturopathic skills.

Since qualifying Chris has continued to be interested in the sports and rehabilitation side of osteopathy and currently
enjoys working with a Commonwealth Gold Medalist, sports teams and other elite athletes. Chris has also seen the
huge benefits of partnering osteopathy with pilates classes. A keen rugby player in his time, and with a general interest
in all sport Chris has a lot of experience in the sports aspect of osteopathy and enjoys treating sport related injuries.
Chris grew his own business out of Farringdon central London. Here he was constantly seeing the effects poor work
posture and stress can have on the human body. These experiences made Chris explore into the biomechanical effects
of work posture and ergonomics and its effect on the spine. Chris enjoys teaching his patients that they can 'help
themselves' and decrease their pain by adapting their posture as well as osteopathic treatment.

A resident in Hitchin Chris will be seen around town having a coffee in his spare time or more likely out in the
countryside walking 'Neo' his dog. As a dog lover Chris plans to further his osteopathic skills into the canine and equine
fields in the futue.
Lucy Sparkes Massage Therapist Lucy's passion for health and fitness together with a fascination with the complexity of the human body inspired her to
study sport and remedial massage at the North London School of Sport Massage. She has a keen interest in working
with muscle and the connective tissues around the body.

Lucy is a marathon runner, triathlete and big exercise enthusiast. She understands the demands of sport on the body.
She is able to aid recovery and assist in the rehabilitation of sports or occupational injuries together with preventative care.

She has treated a variety of clients ranging from GB athletes, marathon runners, triathletes, gym fanatics as well as
office workers and busy mothers. She provides effective deep tissue treatment to relieve painful and tired muscles brought
on by exercise, and daily stresses and strains. Lucy is a new mother to a baby boy, this has not stopped or slowed down her
running obsession. She can often be seen running through the centre of Hitchin with her son tucked up in his running pram.
Home  - History of clinic  - Therapies  - What we treat  - Our team  - Prices  - Contact  - Testimonials  - Sitemap Woodside Osteopathic Clinic, 47A Bancroft, Hitchin SG5 1LA - 01462 452929 email: reception@thewoodsideclinic.co.uk © Woodside Osteopathic Clinic Gary Webb Podiatry and Biomechanics Gary has been in full time Podiatry practice since April 1999. Gary completed his nail surgery at Glasgow Caledonian University and has a Post Graduate Certificate in Podiatric Musculoskeletal Medicine and a Foundation Certificate in Podiatric Acupuncture. Gary has a keen interest in posture and has gained experience in Podiatric Biomechanics and orthotics therapy. He is also currently working on gaining experience in Radiolase surgery for the surgical removal of lesions and as a replacement for phenol in nail surgery. He has gained vast experience in local authority clinics, private clinics, domiciliary work, day centres, nursing homes and sheltered accommodation. He has supplied services to Sainsbury's and has worked at Pinehill Private Hospital, in Hitchin. Woodside Osteopathic Clinic is the trading name for Aspire Balanced Health LTD Shashin Gajjar Pilates Instructor   Shashin is a Body Control Pilates teacher specialising in all levels of Mat work classes.
He was introduced to Pilates in 2001 following a severe injury in the British Tae-Kwon Championships, at which
point he was advised that he would need to have major surgery. By following a strict programme of the Pilates
principles, Shashin achieved a full recovery without any need for surgical procedure. Having experienced the
benefits of Pilates he decided to help others and in 2006 became a qualified Pilates teacher. His classes are
delivered to a structured syllabus allowing a progressive transition from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced levels.
Sukhwinder Parmar Holistic Health Care Practitioner / Tai Chi Qigong Practitioner   Sukh specialises in the Healing Arts and is passionate about her clients understanding of their own subconscious
limitations related to emotional stress and physical symptoms. She offers a bespoke service involving a wide range
of multiple therapies to help restore balance and well-being within the body and stresses of life. Therapeutic
modalities range from Energy Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, Ayurvedic principles, Pulse Listening, Jin Shin, Reiki,
Body Movement, and NLP amongst other natural methods.

Sukh works with clients of all ages, and successfully with a wide range of symptoms, empowering each individual to
understand and reach their optimal health potential.

She teaches Reiki, Tai Chi Qigong, Meditation & Shakti Dance. During her spare time, she loves to engage with activities
related to body movement, spiritualism, and having fun with friends.
Amanda Brosnan Pilates Instructor   Amanda, from a young age, always enjoyed sport, both playing and watching.Having taught Aerobics and Body
Conditioning for many years, she added Pilates to her qualifications.However, she soon realised that the way she had
been taught did not qualify her to deal with the numerous postural and bio-mechanical faults that people were
presenting with. Amanda started training with Body Control Pilates just over 6 years ago and now teaches Beginner
through to Advanced on both mat and machines. Her professional development continues. She loves the way that
Pilates can make such a difference to people's functional daily living and how easily it can be incorporated into
everyday life.
Call: 01462 452929 reception@thewoodsideclinic.co.uk FOR RECENT TESTIMONIALS ON OUR THERAPISTS, PLEASE CLICK HERE Mark Thiselton Assosicate Osteopath Mark graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, achieving distinction in his Masters in Osteopathy degree. He also gained a diploma in Naturopathy, which Mark uses in combination with Osteopathy to aid the healing process. Mark's passion for Osteopathy stemmed from sustaining numerous sporting injuries from football and rugby; the way in which Osteopathy helps to restore your body's balance and promotes healing greatly attracted him to pursue a career within the profession. As a keen sportsman, Mark is a regular visitor to his local sports clubs and he enjoys treating sports related injuries. He also enjoys treating the older patient and seeing the benefits osteopathic treatment can have on conditions like osteoarthritis to help prolong active life. In his spare time, Mark is often found at the gym training with friends or eating at Nandos. Mark is an avid football watcher and regularly travels to London to watch his beloved Chelsea. Katharine Bowers Counsellor   Katharine qualified in Person Centred Counselling in 2009 and is a member of British Association for Counselling
and Psychotherapy (BACP) and works within its Ethical Framework for Good Practice.

Katharine offers one-to-one counselling on a weekly basis, this can be long term or time-limited counselling.
Since qualifying Katharine, has been working with teenagers, staff and parents at a local school.
She is committed to maintaining her professional development and has on-going training. She also receives independent
supervision and support on a regular basis in order to maintain and enhance good practice.

Katharine believes that being heard with a compassionate and professional understanding is one of the most healing
elements in counselling. She provides a safe and confidential environment where a client can explore their issues.
She does not give advice, nor judge what a client may say, but will help a client find their path and move forward.
Liam Sartorius Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Coach   Liam Sartorius is a freelance personal trainer and weight loss coach offering individual and group weight management
programmes. Since qualifying with Premier Global in 2003 he has completed over 10,000 personal training sessions
and coached over 400 private clients including actors, TV presenters, entrepreneurs and senior executives at leading
institutions such as BT, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

Liam doesn't work with athletes or sportspeople. His expertise lies in designing weight management programmes for
mums and dads, busy professionals and hardworking men and women who struggle to find the time and motivation to stay
in shape. He has spent the last 10 years exploring and studying the science and psychology of weight management, with
a particular interest in food addiction and its role in obesity.

Liam works with people of all shapes and sizes and can see the potential in every client - no matter how big they are
or how unfit they feel. Most of his clients sign up with him when they are overweight and work with him to achieve a
healthy and sustainable weight, rather than a cover model physique.