Anisha Joshi

Principal Osteopath/Clinic Director


Anisha qualified from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London with a Bachelor's degree and a Diploma in Naturopathy. Upon graduation she spent 6 months in Sydney working alongside an Australian osteopath in a busy clinic.

She uses a direct structural approach whilst incorporating soft tissue, body mechanics, hydrotherapy, ultrasound and exercise rehabilitation. Anisha has completed the first module of cranial osteopathy, of which she plans to pursue further.

She is also fully trained in Fibromyalgia Mapping and has patients with Fibromyalgia travel from all over the country to see her.

As well as being principal osteopath at the Woodside Osteopathic Clinic, Anisha works 'in-house' as an osteopath in a large law firm on Chancery Lane, Holborn offering the lawyers a personal service including postural and ergonomic advice for their work stations. Her previous employment includes a variety of multidisciplinary clinics and Brunel University in London working with elite athletes that compete at a professional level.

Her success lies in her experience and her supportive and friendly nature, making treatment effective as well as informative. The treatment is catered to the individual, taking all aspect of a patient's lifestyle into consideration. Anisha has a keen interest in sporting injuries, headaches and posture.

In her spare time Anisha will be in Starbucks grabbing a Chai tea latte or be with her family and friends enjoying a good film and a glass of red wine.