Our Pricing


Osteopathy - Hitchin

£40-£50 for an initial consultation (full medical case history, examination and treatment)

£36-£50 for a follow up.

Osteopathy - Cavendish Square, London

£75 for an initial assessment

*During the initial assessment Anisha will create a bespoke treatment plan to suit your requirements. This is dependent on your Osteopathic diagnosis to ensure maximum results from treatment. If you have any questions please email the team
£70 for a follow up


Private GP Services




Functional medicine consultation with our private GP


£250 (lasts 1 hour)

Sports Massage

£42 for 1 hour
£30 for 30 minutes


£38 for 1 hour


Indian Head Massage


£42 for 1 hour


Abdominal Detox Massage


£39.00 for 1 hour

Full Ayurvedic Body Massage


£55 for 1 hour

£70 for 90mins



£30 for 30mins

£45 for 1 hour

Tai Chi


£8 per 1 hour class


£40 for 1 hour


£10 a session