Sports Massage Treatment for Sports injuries such as cycling, running, gym sessions at our new clinic in Cavendish Square, London W1

What is an Osteopath? And what will they do?


Our clinic at Cavendish Square is well equipped to provide the latest technology and treatment for your sports injury.

Many people that work in central London will commute by bike, train, or walk and this can have varying effects on their body.


Becoming pain-free is the first step.


We strive to help you attain a level of wellness and strength beyond your pre-injury state. An injury is caused by exposed vulnerabilities in the body. These can be strengthened by learning new movement patterns that prevent injury from reoccurring.

We have a strong ethos of exercise and ergonomics that address the lifestyle factors which have contributed to exacerbating the presenting injury. Our Osteopaths are fully qualified in the assessment and prescription of exercise. We have been trained to know the precise anatomy and physiology so we are able to target the exact weakness and guide you to specific home-based exercises. Our exercise schedules are personally geared for you – your injury and your ability to engage in exercise. We strive for rapid, permanent results and to empower you to take control in a supportive, friendly environment.


Late evening and lunch time appointments available for your convenience...


Here at the clinic we want to ensure that you benefit from our highly regarded service but can still get back to your desk for that meeting or conference call. We will tailor our treatments to your needs and the demands of your lifestyle.

We work till late in the evening so that you can still have treatment after work and get home easily. Being in central London it means that we are equally close to Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus tube stations.