Harpenden LipoGlaze®  - fat freezing, hard to shift areas


We provide patients from Harpenden a clinical environment to have your non-invasive fat freezing treatment. Your LipoGlaze® treatment will be catered to your needs and it lasts just 1 hour. In just one session you can lose up to 59% of fat and this works by the cells undergoing apoptosis and cell death. LipoGlaze at Woodside clinic provides highly effective non-invasive fat reduction from our clinic in Hertfordshire. Clients travel from all over the country to receive this highly sought after treatment.

Fat freezing and particularly LipoGlaze has been in the media recently for being the ‘go to’ choice for celebrities instead of liposuction. This is due to the reasonable costs and limited side effects post-treatment. This treatment has been proven to work in studies in the USA and UK by various professors. They show between 11-59% fat loss after just one session.

Why LipoGlaze® Fat Freezing in our clinic?


With our great location and staff you are always assured to get the best quality of care. We are open 6 days a week and offer evening and weekend appointments to suit your needs and time commitments. Our full-time reception staff are always on the end of the phone to answer your questions.

We are trained by Harley Street specialists and have certificates to show we carry the correct qualifications. To ensure that you are safe to have the treatment, we will conduct a full medical history, this will also ensure we cater the treatment to your exact needs. One practitioner is an osteopath, which includes intensive anatomy knowledge on the body over the course of 4 years. This added skill means that you will have the best care possible pre and post Lipoglaze treatment.

BENEFITS OF LIPOGLAZE with Woodside Clinic


  • Highly recognised by the media as a safe alternative to Liposuction
  • No down time
  • No incisions or painful procedure
  • Constant phone support with full-time reception
  • Models and celebrities have spoken about this brand of treatment
  • Just one session to lose on average 33% in that area
  • Extremely reasonably priced compared to Liposuction
  • Harley Street consultants recommend this treatment