How does LipoGlaze® fat freezing work?


Cold therapy has notoriously been used as an anti-inflammatory agent and to reduce pain. Now research has meant that it has become one of the most significant advances in non-surgical fat reduction.

Fat cells, when introduced to cold temperatures undergo cold panniculitis. Some of the fat cells exposed to the cold are destroyed and then are naturally disposed of by the liver. This all means that you can have non-invasive treatment and never need to go under the knife.



At Woodside LIpoglaze clinic you will receive after care advice on how to ensure the cells are released from your body effectively to ensure the best results possible.

Lipoglaze fat freezing - scientific research


Developed originally by Harvard scientists, based on cryotherapy, showed that Apoptosis can occur in cells at a certain temperature. Apoptosis is when your fat cells are cooled to a certain temperature and ice crystals develop to cause death of these fat cells.

Lipoglaze thins and freezes the subcutaneous layer of fat without risking the surrounding tissue. LoveLite who Woodside are associated with ran their own clinical trials in the UK.

Clinical trials were conducted at the Insitute of Aesthetic Medicine with Dr. Darren McKeown, and showed that Lipoglaze was safe and had proven results of fat reduction after just one
treatment, with further reductions for subsequent treatments. Results vary from person to person but statistics show between 11-59% fat loss. This shows how effective Lipoglaze can be and how easy and safely we can eliminate stubborn areas of fat from your body.


The Science Behind Lipoglaze


Our Lipoglaze fat freezing technology


We have one of the latest machines at our clinic which means we can treat two areas at one time and have 3 different sized heads. This helps with treatment choice going forward and can become more cost effective.

The director of Lipoglaze has worked with many people from TV stars, models, dancers and bankers in london who feel they need a little help with those stubborn areas.

Let Woodside Lipoglaze clinic help you to target specific areas of fat loss, with non-invasive, non-surgical rapid fat reduction.