Saint Albans LipoGlaze®  - fat reduction without invasive treatment


At Woodside clinic we provide clients from Saint Albans the best service and quality of care. Your LipoGlaze® treatment lasts just 60 minutes and works by freezing fat cells in areas that are difficult to shift when dieting or exercising. In just one session you can eradicate up to 59% of fat. Our LipoGlaze fat freezing treatment provides rapid non-invasive fat reduction from our clinic in Hertfordshire. Which is just 20 minutes drive from Saint Albans.

LipoGlaze®  Fat Freezing has been clinically proven by various studies and works by targeting areas that are difficult to shift. You may have to look good in a particular dress or outfit, you may be a new mum or you may just need that extra help. Regardless of your lifestyle choices and current situation Lipoglaze has proven amazing results.

LipoGlaze® Fat Freezing in our clinic


Our highly regarded clinic has full time reception staff, is open 6 days a week and an online booking service. This ensures that you get quality care, every single time.

Our qualified technicians were trained by Harley Street specialists and already have knowledge of how the body works so you can be reassured that you are in well qualified hands.  At your first appointment you will be required to fill in a detailed medical form and all elements of your history will be throughly checked to ensure you are safe to proceed with the procedure. One technician is a fully qualified osteopath, which involves an intensive 4 year degree on the human anatomy system and information on how cells undergo cell death, this added qualification ensures added knowledge.

We will work as a team with yourselves to get the most benefit from LipoGlaze® fat freezing treatment, even once the session is over we will keep in touch with you. LoveLite research in the UK and USA has shown proven results of between 11%-59% reduction in fat depending on the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue and the bodies metabolism.



- Clinical environment and easy booking system


  • Models and celebrities endorsed
  • Painless
  • No hospitals
  • Clinically proven studies
  • You can go straight back to work
  • Reasonable price compared to Liposuction
  • Highly recognised by the media as a safe alternative to Liposuction