Berkhampstead/Tring LipoGlaze®  - latest innovative fat reduction


Many of us have unwanted stubborn areas of fat, that we just can’t seem to shift. This is one of the first procedures that specifically targets areas where you want to diminish the fat cells. One session lasts 60 minutes and is completely painless with no downtime.

With clinically proven results, Lipoglaze has taken the media by storm as being the ‘go to’ treatment for celebrities and models. You may need to fit into a wedding dress, or just want that added bit of confidence on holiday but Lipoglaze works! On average there is 33% fat reduction in one area over the course of a few months.


LipoGlaze® Fat Freezing in our clinic


Our award winning clinic has full time reception staff, is open 6 days a week and an online booking service. This ensures that you get quality care, every single time.

Our qualified technicians were trained by Harley Street specialists and already have knowledge of how the body works so you can be reassured that you are in well trained hands.  At your first appointment you will be required to fill in a detailed medical form and all elements of your history will be throughly checked to ensure you are safe to proceed. One technician is a qualified osteopath, which involves an intensive 4 year degree on anatomy and health this added qualification ensures added knowledge.

We work as a team with yourselves to get the most benefit from LipoGlaze® fat freezing treatment, even once the session is over we will keep in touch with you. LoveLite research in the UK has shown proven results of between 11%-59% reduction in fat depending on the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue and your bodies metabolism.


BENEFITS OF LIPOGLAZE at Woodside clinic


  • Reasonable price compared to Liposuction
  • Clinically proven results in UK and USA
  • No needles and no pain
  • Clinical environment and easy booking system
  • Models and celebrities actively support this treatment
  • No hospitals
  • No time off work
  • Highly recognised by the media as a safe alternative to Liposuction