by Anisha Joshi, B.Ost.Med ND DO


It’s a new year and the perfect time to change your diet, change your dress sense and focus more on yourself. It’s common for people to ignore that in order to do more exercise and improve their lifestyle they need a body that allows them to push the limits.

Recent research by Work-Foundation think-tank has concluded that Britons now take 35 million working days off a year due to back pain. The research also shows that a staggering 98% of manual workers have still gone into work whilst suffering from back pain due to the fear of losing their income.

The spine is a complicated system that consists of bones, muscles and a network of nerves that work as a team to keep your organs functioning, which keeps us alive. Yet why is it that we forget about our spine and assume that it doesn’t need looking after?

In todays society where we are expected to rush around, meet deadlines and take the kids to school, it’s easy to forget that our spine is the structural support that holds us up and enables us to perform these daily activities, just like scafolding.

People are discovering that twinges are warning signs that their body is about to ‘break down’ and prevention is better than cure. As well as having physical therapy it’s important to help yourself. Starting your day with gentle stretching (consult a professional first) and attending yoga or pilates once a week can increase recovery time and the management of your back.

So in 2014, when most of us are trying to improve areas of our lives, let’s try and ensure that the most important structure in our body is working at optimum efficiency. Anyone that has ever had agonising back pain will be able to confirm that without your back, you can loose a lot of your lifestyle. Let 2014 be the year of the spine.