Bim Cooper

Thrive Consultant


Bim CooperBim practises as a Licensed Thrive Consultant at The Woodside Clinic in Hitchin, Herts, and via Skype. She radiates enthusiasm about the Thrive programme and believes passionately that everyone has the ability to Thrive in life and deserves to. She set up and ran her own Interior Ideas business 35 years ago and has weaved her way through managing this and enjoying (mainly!) a busy and extended family life.

Having experienced first hand how life can increasingly throw people off track and into despair she was determined to find a way to help. She embarked on a course  of counselling and psychotherapy which although interesting did not provide the inspiration she was hoping to find.

Months later a chance conversation led her to Rob Kelly and his Thrive Training Programme. Her excitement at this discovery has not wavered since and having completed the training she is delighted to be able to offer The Thrive programme to anyone who wants to get the most out of their life.