Janine Norris

Associate Osteopath


Janine NorrisJanine Norris M.Ost, graduated from the University College of Osteopathy (formerly British School of Osteopathy) and currently holds relevant General Osteopathic Council registration and personal liability insurance. Janine is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy and in addition to her osteopathic education, she is also a qualified massage therapist which she has been practicing for the last seven years.

Diagnosis is centre to Janine’s osteopathic approach. From here she is able to form a treatment plan which incorporates a range of different techniques including joint manipulation and articulation, soft tissue massage, trigger pointing, myofascial release and muscle energy therapy. Exercise prescription and advice regarding future prevention are also given to supplement her hands on work.

Having previously competed as a national level gymnast, Janine developed a keen interest in sports injuries. Since then Janine has successfully treated a number of conditions such as ankle and wrist sprains, knee, hip and shoulder injuries, tennis/golfers elbow and sport related whiplash. Janine also treats work related musculoskeletal pain using postural assessment and ergonomic advice as part of her management.

For her Master’s level dissertation, she studied the skin and musculoskeletal conditions associated with Diabetes type II which inspired her to complete a nutritional diploma. She is now qualified to give weight management and sport nutritional advice.