Lucy Nicholson

Associate Osteopath - Cranial Osteopath



Lucy graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2007 and has completed post graduate courses in Paediatrics. She has a special interest in treating babies and children and enjoys using Cranial Osteopathy to enhance her treatments for adults as well.

Lucy has been treating babies for 3 years and as a mum of two herself is aware of the benefits of osteopathic treatment, both during pregnancy and after giving birth. She has treated many pregnant and post-pregnant mums for low back, pelvic and hip pain, sciatica, and pain associated with poor posture when breastfeeding, especially neck and mid-shoulder blade pain.

Cranial osteopathic treatment aims to gently release restrictions throughout the body, and help to restore normal function to aid feeding, sleeping, breathing and digestion helping baby to feel more relaxed, calmer and less fretful, and allow baby to sleep and thrive, and mum to sleep more too.

Lucy enjoys practicing meditation and Yoga and she likes to bake cakes to help her de-stress after a busy week of work and children.