Mark Thiselton

Senior Associate Osteopath


Mark graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, achieving distinction in his Masters in Osteopathy degree. He also gained a diploma in Naturopathy, which Mark uses in combination with Osteopathy to aid the healing process.
Mark's passion for Osteopathy stemmed from sustaining numerous sporting injuries from football and rugby; the way in which Osteopathy helps to restore your body's balance and promotes healing greatly attracted him to pursue a career within the profession.

Mark also enjoys getting his hands dirty, coming from a farming background he isn't afraid of hard work, and knows just how intense manual labour can be, actually he quite enjoys it.

In his spare time, Mark keeps his fitness up through weightlifting and running, but also tries to practice what he preaches by doing the odd spot of stretching and basic yoga, which he tries to instil into many of his clients. He misses playing rugby and football, so now has to sit in the stands at stamford bridge or on the couch in front of the tele, reminiscing what may have been.