Payal Patel

Associate Osteopath



Payal is a fully qualified osteopath, having obtained her Masters degree from Swansea University. She is an osteopath with excellent communication skills accompanied by a warm, caring and understanding personality. Payal uses a structural and holistic approach to get to the root of the problem and creates a harmonious balance within the human body. This enables patients to return to their optimum state of health and get back to a pain free lifestyle they enjoy. She focuses on restoring muscle and joint functioning in patients who are recovering from musculoskeletal injuries, as well as preventative care.  The treatment Payal provides consists of a wide range of osteopathic techniques and a tailored treatment plan specific to the client’s needs and goals. The diverse range of ‘hands-on’ techniques include soft/deep tissue massage, joint mobilisations, manipulations, myofascial/ trigger point release, lymph drainage, neuromuscular and muscle energy techniques.  Alongside the array of techniques, Payal will informatively provide you with relevant advice and prescribe you with specific exercises to kick-start that road to recovery.

Payal has a keen interest in keeping fit by going to the gym and partaking in sporting activities including cricket, golf, badminton and tennis.  In her spare time she can also be found reading novels or baking.  

“You only have one body, therefore put your health first and take control! Make the choice today and book that Osteopathy appointment to come and see us here at the Woodside Clinic” Payal Patel M.Ost