Suzan Baykara

Sports Massage Therapist


Suzan BaykaraHi my name is Suzan. I am German born and have been in the UK for over 18 years. I have been a massage Therapist for over 12 years.

My passion for massage started in my younger years when I was travelling through India, and shortly after returning from my travels I studied at the Massage Training Institute in London, of which I am still a member of.

For the first couple of years I worked in hotels but I am a huge sports enthusiast and very much into health and fitness. With a busy lifestyle (I am a mom to 2 young, very active boys) I soon decided I needed to learn and adapt new techniques which led me to sports therapy/deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy.

I treat a variety of clients ranging from marathon runners, boxers, sports enthusiasts, mums… and believe that every client I meet has their unique needs based on their lifestyle and symptoms.

My treatments are uniquely tailored to each person and I am looking forward meeting you.