Krystyna Reed says...

Having been diagnosed with spondylolisthesis together with spinal disc problems a year ago, I was given the option of having an operation to relieve the pain and discomfort or a course of physiotherapy. I decided on the physiotherapy option, but as there was a five and a half months waiting time for an NHS appointment, I decided to have this treatment privately. After two sessions I was given some home exercises to do, but unfortunately after a short period of doing these exercises, the pain in my back worsened......  I was not very keen on taking strong pain relieving tablets as I was aware that they can be addictive.
Some years ago I received treatment from a very good Osteopath, but unfortunately he is no longer in practice.  By chance I came across Woodside Clinic in Hitchin and made an appointment, even though I was a bit sceptical about the treatment I would receive. I was therefore absolutely delighted that Anisha quickly put me on the road to recovery.  With her friendly and professional manner, Anisha quickly relieved my back pain with her ‘miracle hands’ and alleviated my condition.  Woodside Clinic has proved to me that they are without doubt capable of dealing with this type of debilitating condition and I shall contact them again should I have any further problems in the future.



Lynda M Geaves says...

I was impressed by the polite; friendly & professional staff I saw on my visit. Janine assessed my history & knee issue; she was informative & supportive whilst administering treatment. I was given ongoing advice & offered further help if I decide I need it in the future; but no heavy sell.


Alison says...

I’m 100% thrilled with the results of the Lipoglaze treatment that I had with Anisha! I’ve always been self conscious about the size of my thighs so to lose 10cm off each leg as a result of the treatment is a dream come true for me. For the first time ever I can wear jeans and swimsuits and feel much more confident in myself. Thanks so much, Anisha!


Lynda M Geaves says...
I was impressed by the polite; friendly & professional staff I saw on my visit. Janine assessed my history & knee issue; she was informative & supportive whilst administering treatment. I was given ongoing advice & offered further help if I decide I need it in the future; but no heavy sell.



Jack Matthew Says:
I had a great experience at Woodside! Anisha made me feel very comfortable around her & gave me a greater insight in to what was really wrong with me.
After my first session I'm now able to turn my neck without any pain or stiffness at all & It feels amazing.



Claire Blundell Says:

I have been visiting Woodside for a few years for help with my lower back pain, which has always been an excellent help. As my regular Osteopath left I booked an appointment with Janine. My first treatment was great and relieved my pain. I have been back a couple of times since and am now going to make a regular visit so that I can stay pain free. I would recommend Janine to anyone suffering with pain as she is very understanding and professional.



Mrs. J Jones Says:
As an energetic mum of two and a teacher by profession, my body - particularly my back - had taken a battering and my pained movement belied little of my 39 years.  I was in constant pain and I felt miserable. In order to get out of bed I had to tuck my knees into my chest, hold onto the bed head and roll into a sitting position; every step I took hurt. When I came to sitting I still sat as if I was heavily pregnant - my youngest is almost five.  I was in a bad way.  How had I hurt it? Picking up my kids, carrying multiple things, sleeping awkwardly, bending to help students with work - it’s a long list of mundane things.

This morning I sat straight up in bed; my back feels a little stiff but truthfully, that’s an afterthought. Yesterday I ran up 6 flights of stairs and I have been swimming several times.  Two months ago, walking was a challenge.  This is due to an intelligently considered and proactive course of therapy from Anisha - by my third visit I already felt younger and well on the mend.  My husband made my first appointment and I went along thinking little could be done - I had seen other professionals who had been ineffective.  However, I am so grateful that he did and cannot praise Anisha and her professionalism highly enough, her work has been transformative.



Tash says:

I have been visiting Andy for the past 2 months to deal with some terrible back pain and leg pain.
From the start Andy made me feel comfortable and at ease. He has a gentle yet professional manner and was able to assess my pain immediately.
Over the weeks, the treatment Andy prescribed helped immensely with noticeable improvements by my third session. Thank you.



Iryma says:

I saw Andy in January 2018 for the first time. Andy came across very polite and professionally looking person. His knowledge and professionalism immediately relieved my back problem.
After first session I felt free of pain and almost free of any tension; the main problem I came with was resolved. I couldn't feel any happier, especially my past experience with other clinics didn't bring any results
Andy definitely knows what to do and I will now come back again. I would strongly recommend to anyone who has immediate uncomfort or pain come and see Andy. Thank you.



Danuta Clark says:

I had a fall with my arm outstretched. After several weeks of severe pain and very restricted movement I consulted Anisha. I have had steady progressive improvement and had an ultrasound which confirmed Anisha’s initial diagnosis of a tear in the muscle. I am delighted with the progress I am making! This was my first consultation with an osteopath but in future I will not hesitate to return should I experience something similar. Anisha is most capable and has a delightful personality. I look forward to further progress!



Enid Taylor says:

For over 4 years, I had been suffering with migraines for roughly 3 days out of each 7 and I sought Anisha’s help as I thought it was structural due to stress in my neck and shoulders.

Four year earlier I had had an MRI scan for these headaches which had showed a lump or mass in my right sinus, diagnosed as a mucoid retention cyst and I was told by a neurologist and an ENT specialist that this was harmless and to leave it there.

Anisha helped my neck tension but we could not stop the headaches.  Her investigations into “mucoid retention cysts” was a testament to her drive to think outside the box and she went out of her way to find out information about it for me.  Her recommendation that I should seek another MRI (she actually said if I was her mum, she’d be nagging me to do it!!), was the trigger for me to get the treatment I needed.

The cyst was analysed and found to be a repository of mercury, tin, palladium and anaerobic bacteria, the kind found hiding in root canal teeth.  Incidentally, no mucus was found in the cyst!!

I have Anisha to thank for sending me along this path.  The cyst sitting in my sinus was triggering elements of my immune system which was taking its toll on my whole body;  it was also triggering dangerous stages of immune response.  So if I had just left it there (and by the time I got to Spain for surgery, it was very large, bigger than my eye ball), who knows what serious conditions it would have sparked in addition to the migraines.

Needless to say, I am headache free for 10 days and counting.

Many thanks to Anisha for her advice, her research and her guidance.  Without her, i would still be sitting with my unhealthy sinus lodger and suffering continual migraines and who knows what else that would have led to.  I am very grateful to Anisha for her persistence, her passionate interest and her care.



J Heatherington:

I've always been a really active guy, I love to go to the gym, run, cycle, swim, ski, pretty much anything outdoors, and I played rugby for many years. For the last 15 years I've suffered with severe and sometimes debilitating lower back pain mainly when doing the sports I love, but also when simply walking around.

I had been to see a few physiotherapist's, the doctor and had an MRI all to no avail. I had almost given up hope of ever running with out pain again when I decided to go and see Anisha - I had heard good things about the Woodside Clinic from the local sport and gym scene.  

Anisha was a revelation, after one session and I noticed a difference and now three months in my running is transformed with little or no back pain. Her honest appraisal of the state of my back, and a few telling's off for not sitting straight and for self-cracking has prompted me to change my habits, which has also contributed to my progress.  

Stupidly, I have signed up for a 105 mile endurance race across Scotland (run, cycle, kayak) over one day, which was the main driver behind wanting to get the problem sorted in the first place. Between Anisha and her superb colleague, Lucy, who is a sports masseuse, they have helped to prepare me and supported my training for the race.  

Anisha's Osteopathy sessions with Lucy's sports massages has helped me to run and exercise without acute pain, and allowed me to continue doing the things I enjoy.



Anonymous Says:

Mark is a highly professional and competent osteopath. After being unable to find someone to help me within the NHS, I decided to try the Woodside Clinic on recommendation. Mark was able to help me with a lower back injury, through effective massage, manipulation and through prescription of specific exercises. I would highly recommend Mark to any of my friends or family.



D Maine Says:

I would recommend massage with Sukh Parmar as it has a holistic approach to the release of tension in the body. She does this in a straight forward focuses way which leaves you feeling marvellous.



Ron Broadbent Says:

I work for the Hitchin BID and my work involves a lot of walking. I had an injury that persisted for a long time and went to visit Mark. My injury (knee pain) has been greatly reduced in the muscle and pain region. Mobility has increased and Mark has kept me going at work. His advice has been excellent.

Amelia S Says:

Very friendly staff, great therapy - have been treated by Anisha and Hannah. Both are great osteopaths, always leave feeling relaxed, flexible and pain free!


Paul Murphy (PMR Build) Says:

Mark Thiselton has treated me for many years and has always patched me back up. Very friendly and professional. Highly recommended.



Doug and Ruth Clunie Says:


"We would like to commend Sukh, whose treatments we appreciate and enjoy. Her talents and skills complement the specific therapies that you already offer and we have both found that our feeling of well being has improved through seeing Sukh on a regular basis. Apart from the treatments themselves our conversations with her help us to learn about the background and history ot the treatments that she offers. She has the ability to offer advice in a positive way and she is very knowledgeable. We can recommend her without reservation."


E.C. Says:

"The Indian Head massage is so much more than just a 'treat' - it has loosened my neck and shoulders tremendously. Now I can actually see my bra fastening when I look down - I used to have to do it by 'feel' rather than by 'sight'. To think I didn't even realise how hard and tight my muscles were - it's transformed the way I feel. "


Alison C says:


“I was referred to Woodside and Mark in particular by a friend in respect of the chronic sciatica I had been experiencing due to a slipped disc some six months before. The constant pain was affecting my life to such a degree that I was desperate to try any intervention that might give some relief. Mark was pleasant and professional throughout and also made me feel comfortable during my treatment, as well as giving me hope that some alleviation might be possible without surgery or injections, as was suggested by the hospital. After five sessions of general manipulation and massage we moved on to acupuncture and at that point my symptoms almost completely disappeared. The pins and needles are no more, I rarely take pain killers (previously I had been up to maximum levels each day) and I am able to both stand or lie in one position with minimal and often no discomfort. With no exaggeration I can say that my life has been transformed due, I am sure, in no small way to Mark's treatment and I can't thank him enough. Should my symptoms reoccur then I would seek his help again immediately and am happy to endorse him as a professional and very competent osteopath.”



Charlotte H says:


“I have been treated by Anisha for just over 6 months now and there are no words for how much she has transformed my life. I am truly thankful to her for all the treatment she has carried out on my very interesting spine, I feel completely transformed and rejuvenated! Although I have since moved from Hitchin, I still make a 1 hour and 45 minute journey to get treated every 6 weeks, because it is hard to find a medical professional that puts you at complete ease as Anisha does. I throughly recommend that if you are suffering with pain in your joints that you seek the competent and friendly service of The Woodside Clinic”



Sara C says:


I first came to see Anisha in January 2014 in absolute agony. I was genuinely terrified about what had happened to my back and leg, having never experienced such horrendous pain before. I was off work for several months and was initially seeing Anisha every few days to try to control the pain. She explained what was happening with a clarity that I didn't find in other healthcare professionals. She gave me exercises to do and reassured me that she'd helped people who were in an even worse state than I was in! An MRI revealed I had four slipped discs and that one was leaking, causing sciatica. After seeing a neurosurgeon, I was listed for back surgery in June 2014. However, I started to see small improvements and was slowly able to do a little more each week. I began to feel more normal. Walking became easier, though I was still far slower than I would be normally. By the time my pre-op assessment took place, I was considerably better, and had reduced down to seeing Anisha just once per week. I was enormously relieved to be told that I no longer needed surgery. Anisha was an absolute god-send. She knew where I was hurting before I did and tailored each session on specific areas of concern. I would still be seeing her now but for the fact that I've moved out of the area!


Caroline N says:


I found Woodside Clinic at a point in time when my back pain had become so debilitating that even sitting in a chair caused me pain. Over the course of a number of months I had developed pain and spasms that had seen me referred for an MRI scan which revealed protruding discs with lost fluid. I had initially turned to a physio who had actually made some of my symptoms worse and given me some very bad advice. I had also previously seen an osteopath where the experience was quite aggressive and painful. Both of these experiences had made me apprehensive and nervous of seeking treatment. When I walked through the door I was desperate for some help as for the last 6 months caring for my baby and toddler had become increasingly difficult. From my first session I gained some instant relief and was put at ease about the experience of treatment here. I've now been seeing Mark for 6 weeks and I have gone from just barely getting through each day, relying on two types of prescribed pain killers daily, to being able to enjoy trips out with my children and steadily becoming a more active mum. I now take only one of two lots of pain killers a week and have found extra relief in using the bio freeze that I discovered at Woodside osteopathic Clinic. I still have a way to go to get back to full function, but the progress and improvement in my quality of life has been amazing. What's more I've gone from being fearful of intervention and doubting that anyone could help me to honestly believing I can get better and trusting my osteopath completely. His manner and way of explaining why I'm experiencing the pain put me at ease and for the first time in a long time I can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.



Victoria K says:


‘Incredibly professional service with a warm welcome and friendly attitude makes Woodside a highly recommended practice.’


Laura C says:


“I have had ongoing back problems for a number of years. I started visiting Woodside over a year ago and my back improved after only three sessions. The knowledge and understanding of anatomy is amazing and I have full confidence that whatever treatment that’s carried out on me will make me feel better. I have referred a number of my clients/ friends/family there and they all rave about it and now they make their own referrals. 5 star treatment every single time. Thanks to all the staff at Woodside.”



Lisa W, Chadbourne & Parke (London), LLP says:

‘Working in London at a desk and having to commute naturally took its toll on my back and my posture.  Anisha at Woodside Clinic provides an efficient and convenient service that has meant I am now pain free. From booking in by email to paying for treatment it works extremely well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this service to any other corporate firm in the city that wants to provide wellbeing for their staff'



Cliff F, Lewis Silkin LLP says:

“Anisha has been a great support and therapist for my back and neck problems. Not only has she helped me relieve some acute pain and injuries, she has worked closely with my personal trainer to ensure safe and consistent rehabilitation. It has been so convenient to have her come to the firm as I know I would never have found the time otherwise Highly recommended”



Natasha P, Lewis Silkin LLP says:

‘I had been meaning to visit an osteopath for some time and just never seemed to find the time. When I discovered Anisha made regular visits to our office, I had to visit her for treatment. I am so glad I did, as I have been seeing her ever since and she has helped me immensely during my recent pregnancy. Having Anisha visit us at our office really does make a difference as it is so convenient – without this I am ashamed to admit I probably wouldn’t have sought treatment until my back got really bad.’



Abby C says:

‘I am aged 18 and had been suffering with bad back pain for the last few months. I have seen two of the osteopaths at Woodside and they were both friendly and professional and most importantly have cured my back pain! I would highly recommend this clinic.’



Jane H says:

‘They are always there to support me when I need them, they genuinely care and keep me moving.’



Virginia B says:

‘Anisha is a breath of fresh air totally understanding about the painful disabling condition of Fibromyalgia - she makes me feel that she is on my side. Totally recommend her to anyone.’



Helen E says:

‘Treatment and advice have been fantastic! I'm a new customer and the way I have been welcomed and made to feel completely at ease with the process has been wonderful The suggestions for changes to my day to day life have also massively improved my back problems - I can feel the difference already and am fully confident that it will keep getting better!’



Grant B says:

‘Helped me to overcome a knee injury in only a few treatments. Very professional staff who not only provide treatment but also advise on aftercare and further rehabilitation. Very professional attitude but also friendly.’



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