Sports Injuries


At the Woodside Osteopathic Clinic we strive to get to the root of your problem fast to reduce pain. We recognise your limits and encourage your body to function at optimum level, which will help improve performance. By using hydrotherapy, treating the injury locally and aligning the whole body, we can help prevent any further injuries and inconvenience, to sporting commitments. Our aim is to ensure your movement is restored and performance enhanced.

Sporting activities have become a big part of many individuals’ lives, all age groups, from the casual participant to the elite professional.

Many injuries obtained from sports are due to overuse i.e. pushing yourself too hard, or playing too much. Your age does not matter: sport puts a lot of physical demand on the body and increases the vulnerability to injury.

Many individuals’ bodies become accustomed to injury, their body becomes used to it, and therefore no discomfort is felt. Reduced joint flexibility will affect performance and may result in recurrent injury or injury to another part of the body.

An osteopath has a highly developed sense of palpatory skills that are combined with their knowledge of diagnosis to get to the root of the problem. They help to increase joint mobility to reduce soft tissue restrictions and regain structural balance.

Hydrotherapy also known as “Hot and Cold treatment” is combined with osteopathic care to encourage recovery. This advice is vital for sporting individuals to reduce inflammation and increase circulation to an injured area.


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